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Trotter's Restaurant

Build Your Own Omelet


An omelet your way served with hash browns and toast

(Optional) $ Omelet Toppings:Mushrooms +$0.75Broccoli +$0.75Spinach +$0.75Bell Peppers +$0.75Tomatoes +$0.75Jalapeños +$0.75Onions +$0.75Salsa +$0.75Avocado +$1Swiss Cheese +$1Cheddar Cheese +$1Pepper Jack Cheese +$1Jack Cheese +$1Sour Cream +$1Cream Cheese +$1Parmesan Cheese +$1Chorizo +$2Smoked Salmon +$2Diced Ham +$2Italian Sausage +$2Pork Sausage +$2Diced Bacon +$2
(Optional) $ Substitute Hash Browns:For Fruit +$1.25For 1 Pancake +$1For 1 Waffle +$2
(Optional) $ Substitute Toast:For Fruit +$1.25For 1 Pancake +$1For 1 Waffle +$2
Toast:White Wheat Sourdough Rye English Muffin